Urban Sketchers (I)

For several years now, I have joined the Urban Sketchers chapters in both Málaga and Granada. The initiative has become a really interesting meeting point for artists, dilettantes and drawing lovers alike. The fluid exchange of ideas, techniques and tools has permited us to improve and share our common interests regarding Arts.

As a result, and being the iniciative an international phenomenon, the organization has developed annual drawing symposiums.

The first I had the pleasure to attend, the Urban Sketchers Symposium Manchester 2016


Painting in the Park, Royal Drawing School

River Thames,view from Battersea Park

The summer of 2016, the “Painting in the Park” workshop gave me the opportunity to paint in London. The workshop is part of The Royal Drawing School Summer programme.




thames 01 (2)
By the Prince Albert Bridge

The group met everyday at the beautiful Royal Drawing School West , Sydney Close Studios. There James ,our instructor, proposed some ideas for the  daily painting session



Brunswick, Maine

During my stay at Bowdoin College, I had the opportunity to enjoy the Arts Department , and paint around Brunswick, Maine.

Maine is astonishingly beautiful, but also incredibly cold; so I often found refuge at the Frontier Café.

I decided to paint the view on the Androscoggin River;the owner liked having me around and photographed the process.



Firenze, Italia

Tuscany, Italy is renown for the classical views,  gentle hills and quality of the landscapes sorrounding the region.

It might sound like the description of a postcard, but in fact, Tuscany offers extremely diverse landscapes for the painter.The hills sorrounding the city of Florence, the Chianti area, the coastal villages in Maremma …

So I surrendered to the charms of the Tuscan Landscape, and painted a view near our home,  in a velvedere called Pian de’ Giullari, near Galileo Galilei’s Villa.

The painting captures the early days of spring, the colors at its best: fresh greens, some trees in full bloom and that subtle atmosphere that impregnates the Tuscan views.

On Painting

This painting is a reproduction of  “I Bari”, by  Michelangelo Merisi, known as Il Caravaggio (1571-1610).

The reproduction of the famous canvas is a  private comission  painted for a couple who are very fond of Italian Baroque Painting. The commission proved to be a challenge, due to the outstanding quality of the original painting by  Il Caravaggio.

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